Learn Easy Ways to Reduce Allergy and Asthma Symptoms in your Home

Learn Easy Ways to Reduce Allergy and Asthma Symptoms in your Home

Battling asthma is enough stress for anyone, especially Allergic Asthma. A study reported that about 90% of children who had childhood asthma have allergies, and this is so with 50% of adults living with asthma. Specific allergens that make some people sneeze or teary can trigger an asthma attack in some others. It can be so worse that it becomes difficult for you to take in a single breath. Hence, the essence of knowing your allergens or triggers and avoiding them cannot be overemphasized. Regardless of where you live – city or the suburbs – there are steps to take to ensure you’re your home is free of allergens. Some of the easy ways to reduce allergy and asthma symptoms include using the right and certified HVAC system air filter, getting rid of floor carpets, and using the right wall paints. We implore you to keep reading as we elaborate on these protective measures.

Know Your Triggers

One definite way to know what triggers your asthma is by getting tested for allergens. Knowing these triggers is the first step towards avoiding them in your home. An allergy test would reveal whether you are allergic to pet allergen or not. It helps you limit your exposure to pet dander and other kinds of allergens such as pollen, mold, and dust, among others.

It would even help if the people around you, say relatives, don’t come in contact with these allergens as well because even a strong smell can set off an asthmatic attack.

Keep Them Out of the Flow

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems have the potentials to move around allergens and irritants as they move air around the room. Hence, the need to get an appropriate HVAC system filter. Asthma and allergy association, Asthma, and Allergy Foundation of America specifically, makes it easier to choose the right HVAC for you. Air filter systems with asthma & allergy friendly® certification mark have been tested to remove allergens from the airflow effectively. It is advisable to replace your filter with a new one every 30 to 90 days.

Better with the Covers

Not only does your room look better with new bed covers and pillowcases, but you would also be able to prevent the bedding materials’ tiny particles from triggering your asthma. It is not enough to get a new bedding set; it is also essential to dry clean them in hot water once or twice every week to keep you free of mites.

Replace Luxury with Healthy

Carpets add to the overall beauty of the home. They also make you feel super comfortable, but they’re also a harbor for dirt and dust, which can be bad for your allergic asthma. Experts have advised that it is better to go for laminate or hardwood floors made with allergy-friendly materials. However, if you have to use area rugs in specific areas, ensure that you clean them often.

Shut the Blinds

Experts say allergy season gets worse every year. The temperature gets warmer, the carbon monoxide content in the atmosphere increases, and people living with asthma have more to deal with. As enjoyable as the outdoor air can be, you should stay away, especially when pollen counts are high. You should also reduce the possibility of allergens getting into your home by keeping windows and doors shut.

We’ve taken you through several ways in which you can reduce allergy and asthma symptoms in your home. You can, however, contact us at Alpha Dog air for more information. We are open to helping as your comfort is our priority.

You can reach us via our website at alphadogair.com or give us a call at 4073496922.

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